Thursday, July 10, 2008

A glimpse of heaven

From Bishop Trevor Mwamba's (Bishop of Botswana) address to the Modern Churchpeople's Union:

“I dismiss the doomsday predictions of those who glimpse the breakup of the Anglican Communion at a drop of a hat. The simple reality is that the majority of African Anglicans, about 37 million of them, are frankly not bothered with the debate on sexuality. A bishop from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, told me that the people in his diocese were not in the least interested in the issue. This is just the tip of the iceberg because in my own Province of Central Africa contrary to what the renegade ex-bishop of Harare, Dr. Nolbert Kunonga, and David Virtue have said the debate on sexuality is not also an issue. We can multiply these examples across Africa."


"Let us then straight, gay, liberal, conservative, moderate, Anglo-Catholic, Evangelical, traditionalist, Africans and Americans, Asians, Europeans get into each other's worlds and be enriched in the discovery of our oneness in Christ and together enlarge God's kingdom of love where everybody has a seat at the table."

"Let's beware of excommunicating each other here on earth. For we shall find in heaven we are still bound together at the table of Christ's love. Archbishop Akinola sitting next to Bishop Gene Robinson for such is the kingdom of God."

Lifted from Episcopal Cafe: The Lead.....

--and I think his vision of heaven is right-on.


Jane R said...

That's the bishop of one of our Companion Dioceses :-). (The other is Costa Rica.)

it's margaret said...

Good! Companion --Com Pagne --to eat bread with.... looks like it's a healthy companionship!

Anonymous said...

and both Bishops weeping for the sheer joy of seeing each other there with all the rest of the guests at the Lord's table having their feet washed by the Servant of servants.

it's margaret said...

Yes, anonymous.