Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God bless all those who don't follow the pigs off the cliff

So, the Primate of theChurch in Sudan, The Right Reverend Dr. Deng, is calling for +Gene Robinson to resign, go away, leave us all alone so that the Communion will remain as one.... I quote from Episcopal Cafe:

""Gene Robinson should just go away from the Anglican world and be a normal Christian," said Deng. He said he could not predict the future of the Communion if Robinson did not resign."

And +Iker from Texas has said that supporters of +Gene should leave Lambeth, realizing that they are not going to get him in to the Conference, and that they are as isolated as he.

Right --sounds like scapegoating to me.
That was the really polite way of saying what I am thinking right now.

Thank God, there are many responding to ++Deng's statement. In particular, I resonate with what Louie Crew says on his natter blog:
"I appreciate the motive behind his [Deng's] strong appeal for +Gene to resign. However, it's a bit like asking Jesus not to hang out in Samaria and his followers not to have anything [to do] with Gentiles so that Judaism can remain unified."

God bless you Dr. Crew.
God bless you Bishop Robinson.
God bless all those who don't follow the pigs off the cliff.


FranIAm said...

Crikey- all rather unwelcoming in a very non-Jesusy way, but hey that's just me.

God have mercy on us all.

If +Gene did not scare the shit out of them (can I say that on this blog? sorry!) they would simply ignore him.

it's margaret said...

Yes, you may say shit here! It's organic---

And, I guess +Gene is scaring it out of 'em, heh!? You got that right!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love the Louie Crew quote, and I love your pigs off the cliff analogy.

Jane R said...

I am really sad about this -- Archbishop Deng's oldest son is a student of mine (well, former student, but still at our school; he took a class of mine last fall and I just ran into him today) so this feels very close to home. And I have watched news from the church in Sudan and Archbishop Deng's good work. Especially heartbreaking to me was the Archbishop's response (I think at the press conference -- I read of it in one of the news reports) to the question whether he had met Bishop Robinson. "I have nothing to say to him," said Abp. Deng.

I want to think that this is a case of "Forgive them, for they know not what they do," that Abp. Deng has no idea that what he is doing is dehumanizing. Yet he lives in the midst of a society where many, many are treated as less than human because of the war that is going on, with killing and rape and capture, and he has worked on their behalf of those people...

It boggles the mind -- and heart.

Someone today pointed out that at this point in the indaba process something like this often happens.

it's margaret said...

jane r --what you say does deflate the intenisity of the myriad feelings, but only somewhat. But what of those who are absolutely unwilling to take this abuse? Dr. Crew does highlight ++Deng's good work--and I believe his response is spot on. I am deeply concerned that there are those who will follow this deadly lead.... in the Name of Christ because a Bishop said.....

I am deeply grateful that ++Deng's son has the opportunity to have you in his life.

And I hope the Bishops don't cave in to this and continue to live and speak the Gospel--even in the indaba groups.

Crimson Rambler said...

and on behalf of Anglicans = abnormal Christians everywhere...good gracious. I try to keep in mind that some of this is being spoken "over our shoulders" to a different audience...those *&^%^& family systems at work again, folks.