Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God bless all those who don't follow the pigs off the cliff

So, the Primate of theChurch in Sudan, The Right Reverend Dr. Deng, is calling for +Gene Robinson to resign, go away, leave us all alone so that the Communion will remain as one.... I quote from Episcopal Cafe:

""Gene Robinson should just go away from the Anglican world and be a normal Christian," said Deng. He said he could not predict the future of the Communion if Robinson did not resign."

And +Iker from Texas has said that supporters of +Gene should leave Lambeth, realizing that they are not going to get him in to the Conference, and that they are as isolated as he.

Right --sounds like scapegoating to me.
That was the really polite way of saying what I am thinking right now.

Thank God, there are many responding to ++Deng's statement. In particular, I resonate with what Louie Crew says on his natter blog:
"I appreciate the motive behind his [Deng's] strong appeal for +Gene to resign. However, it's a bit like asking Jesus not to hang out in Samaria and his followers not to have anything [to do] with Gentiles so that Judaism can remain unified."

God bless you Dr. Crew.
God bless you Bishop Robinson.
God bless all those who don't follow the pigs off the cliff.