Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm not getting sucked in


Does any one remember off the top of their head (no looking it up!) who the Pope was that St. Francis went to see --or the name of the local Bishop of Assissi at the time?

And yet look at the impact Francis has even today, against all odds.

Does anyone remember the name of the Bishop (again, no looking it up!) who had oversight over George Herbert? Or RS Thomas?

And yet Herbert and Thomas continue to feed countless people in ministry.

Can anyone remember the name of the Bishop that Dorothy Day had to ignore in order to feed the poor in her neck of the woods?

The Bishops can muck about with Pastoral Forums, authority, power plays or whatever.

I have to go bury somebody right now.
Get on with some Kingdom work.
And pray for ROSE.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sometimes we do just have to go about our work.

I went over to read about Rose.

gloriman said...

Such a wonderful perspective! Sometimes, I have trouble remembering the name of my current conservative bishop......makes me think I'm doing OK.

it's margaret said...

Yep --let's just get on with some Kingdom work!

And pray for Rose.