Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A quick rant to ++Rowan...

Rowan--I am floored at what YOU SAY and what you presume.

First of all, I am a "traditional believer." But not one who believes that the Church, nor even the Anglican Communion should be static--supporting the status quo. And I am a "traditional believer" because it is patently obvious to me, in our Holy Scripture, that Jesus always called the "fringe" to spread his good news--women, tax collectors, fishermen --NOT the Temple guys like those gathered with you at Lambeth.

And Rowan, you say the "traditional believer" says this: ‘Don’t misunderstand us. We’re not looking for safety and comfort. Some of us know quite a lot about carrying the cross. But when that cross is laid on us by fellow-Christians, it’s quite a lot harder to bear. Don’t be too surprised if some of us want to be at a distance from you - or if we want to support minorities in your midst who seem to us to be suffering.

Yes, exactly... exactly. Did he HEAR himself?
And Rowan, Jesus NEVER worked from the "centre" of anything except a "fringe" crowd.

Damn it! What a farce!