Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A quick rant to ++Rowan...

Rowan--I am floored at what YOU SAY and what you presume.

First of all, I am a "traditional believer." But not one who believes that the Church, nor even the Anglican Communion should be static--supporting the status quo. And I am a "traditional believer" because it is patently obvious to me, in our Holy Scripture, that Jesus always called the "fringe" to spread his good news--women, tax collectors, fishermen --NOT the Temple guys like those gathered with you at Lambeth.

And Rowan, you say the "traditional believer" says this: ‘Don’t misunderstand us. We’re not looking for safety and comfort. Some of us know quite a lot about carrying the cross. But when that cross is laid on us by fellow-Christians, it’s quite a lot harder to bear. Don’t be too surprised if some of us want to be at a distance from you - or if we want to support minorities in your midst who seem to us to be suffering.

Yes, exactly... exactly. Did he HEAR himself?
And Rowan, Jesus NEVER worked from the "centre" of anything except a "fringe" crowd.

Damn it! What a farce!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

He has the nerve to talk about minorities who are suffering? Who? Those bishops who can't force everyone to read the Bible their way?

You're right. What a farce.

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jr said...

I have to admit, I can't read the address from the ABC any way other than the way you read it. I went back over it time and again after it was posted on Tuesday & I read any number of posts about it...many were from the "progressive"voices who seemed to be contorting themselves like pretzels to be good "team players"...I wanted to see hope and honesty and fairness and dare I say it, grace & Gospel in the ABC's address...I really did.

What I saw instead was blah, blah, blah...a further delineation of us & them, a series of labels guarenteed to mark some as traditionalists & others as continued fringe.

And to add insult to injury, was I reading it correctly, was the ABC really buying into the absurdity that has been foisted upon the communion...that those who wish to embrace all within the loving arms of the Christ were indeed adding to the pain of the cross for those who wish to draw the cirlce of belief quite tightly?

I am at best loosley Anglican, but even I would have expected better than this from the ABC...not necessarlily from Rowan Williams, but from the ABC. It is poor theology, poor ecclesiology, poor exegesis,& poor politics. How sad when any "presidential address" lacks understanding, heart, & spine. I looked for a word of hope and I have found disgust. A stark reminder that "leaders" do not always lead.

Thanks for your outrage Margaret. You must be paying attention!

Paul said...

What y'all have said.

Williams clearly does not listen to his own words.