Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stopping the hand grenades and seeing the living Christ

Well, I was very distressed last night at the slings and arrows being hurled about at Lambeth. So this morning I wrote my Bishops a letter. And I have emailed it to them. This is my letter:

July 23, 2008

My Dear Bishops,

Please know that you and all the Bishops are in our constant prayers as you attend this Lambeth Conference.

From this side of the pond we are receiving reports of deep and broad conflict, of The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson's exclusion from a HOB meeting, the calls by 17 Provinces for his resignation, and The Rt. Rev. Iker's challenge to all American Bishops who support him to leave.

I hope and pray that much of this news is media sensationalism. Even so, it is what we are being fed from Lambeth portals; we have no other word.

I also hope and pray that you remember us in your prayers in that many of the congregation at St. ------- personally identifies with the discipleship of Bishop Robinson, and that what is happening to him is happening to many of us. We are not so much interested at this point in the politics, cultural conflict and maneuvering as we are concerned that the dehumanizing language from Bishops in the church we call home desist. I fully realize that there is not much that you can personally do to stop it; I merely hope that you will remember us, and speak and weep for us and with us in light of these words which are as brutal as any nail or spear which pierced human flesh.

Yours in Christ,

Tonight, I was encouraged to see that Bishop Jones does indeed understand the violence being done. I found this quote at Episcopal Life Online:
David Jones, suffragan bishop of Virginia, said, "We need to talk, but we're not going to solve the problems by throwing hand grenades. We need to see the living Christ in each other."

Thank you Bishop --yes indeed. Not slings and arrows but grenades. I hope my Bishops will find a way to speak out against the hand grenades. And see the living Christ in one and all.