Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This gas shortage smells funny to me

In the late '90's and the first year or two of this decade, California was aggravated and then subdued by an "energy crisis." We suffered electricity shortages, brown-outs and disrupted service. Energy companies pushed emergency bills through State legislators to allow them to build electrical power houses that ignored nearly all established pollution and regulatory controls. They got what they wanted. And electrical energy was de-regulated, the oldest power company in the west was put out of business, prices soared, polluting factories were built.... and then it was discovered that it was all a set-up. Ever hear of Enron?

And now--this gas crisis....

Somehow--this current gas crisis smells the same, what with all the hype to allow off-shore drilling.... and even though the "benefits" of such drilling would not make it to the markets for a decade, the President signed whatever was necessary to allow off-shore drilling and is asking Congress to do the same....

And wasn't it Bush cronies that hyped Enron? --and the electrical crisis in California...? And, hey --isn't Bush somehow involved in oil production?

Sorry, it just keeps adding up all wrong.
And I'm NOT saying that we should not wean ourselves off of gas, for all kinds of reasons. I think the sooner the better. I am saying this all just smells familiar.