Friday, July 25, 2008

What are the signs of a Christian Bishop?

Lifted from Bishop Gene's blog (link in the right column):

"Upon my arrival at the Methodist church where we were meeting, I was greeted with open arms by those living with HIV. Italian, French, Caribbean, Indian and British human beings infected with a disease that knows no class or nationality, and whose treatment by an inhuman prejudice breaks my heart. But this was not a time to mourn. Pots of tea on tableclothed card tables and a table of delectable pastries gave it a party atmosphere. I was supposed to judge the "best cake" contest, but there were just too many to sample them all and no way to single out the best.
I don't know how tea with the Queen went, but I can attest that west of Buckingham Palace, there was a GREAT tea party going on!"

COMMENT: Let's see --a walk to end poverty and then tea with the Queen, or a shabby welcome at the temple of Canterbury and a party with outcasts....


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It does give one pause.

Funny. My post today is not about Lambeth, but it does examine skewed priorities, as in bash homosexuals rather than feed the poor.

jr said...

Might there be room for them both?

I agree, my own strong inclination is toward shabby & outcasts and that is where I would like to see my priests & bishops.

And yet I wonder...might there be room for them both.

God's peace.

FranIAm said...

Thought provoking and beautiful.

Thanks Margaret.

it's margaret said...

jr --I think so. So long as one does not exclude the other, as is true in this case.

Even St. Francis, our brother who loved sister poverty, also loved beauty and rich and good things, so long as it was for the glory of God.

Jan said...

I so appreciate this. Thank you.