Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cosmic coffee

Joel smacked his lips and groaned with absolute coffee contentment --and then asked, so you put in two level scoops of coffee and then a little bit more?

No, I said. I put in two heaping scoops and then a little bit more.

It tastes different --better this morning, he said. Whatever it is that you did differently today, do it again.

Well, I said --because of all the clean dishes on the sink, I made coffee on the other side of the stove.

Our kitchen this morning. I usually make coffee to the left of the stove --but, not today
--and I usually always put your cup on the right and mine on the left with the coffee pot close to the stove so I don't have to move boiling water very far before coffee --so, this morning, I kept your cup on the right and mine on the left, and kept the coffee pot closest to the stove, but that meant that your cup was furthest away.... Maybe that made the difference.

He asked, unbelievingly --so you ALWAYS put my cup on the right and yours on the left?

Yes. That way I don't have to think. (He takes sweetener and more milk in his coffee. I HATE sweetener in my coffee, and I only put three drops of milk in --yes, really, just barely enough to cut the acid. I live with lactose intolerance.)

Well, he said, it's probably the butterfly effect. You changed the universe by making coffee on the other side of the stove.

Right. Probably. If I changed your universe this morning, don't blame me --it's Joel's fault I'm making coffee at all... because for thirty years Joel delivered coffee to me while I was still in bed --every morning. It started on our honeymoon, and he'd done it every day since then.

Then, on the very day of our 30th anniversary, I had to take him to the hospital --his back had fractured carrying boxes up and down the stairs as we were packing up our Richmond house. So, since the very day of our 30th, I have made the coffee.... And, because the first week of my making the coffee he was still in the hospital, I saw no need to make a big pot of coffee (we had a 12 cup drip system). So I pulled out our coffee press to make myself one cup of coffee... and because I've made the coffee every day since our 30th, I have continued to make coffee in the press... --with two heaping scoops and then a little bit more --for good measure, as my mother always said.

It's fine for the two of us.... But then, when company's a-coming, it's really not enough for ample coffee.

So... we splurged. In anticipation of the many visitors we will be having in the months ahead, and God willing, in the years to come, we splurged and bought a larger press. We will inaugurate it this week, with former Franciscan Brother JG and his partner coming for a visit, and then m.a. coming this Friday --and if putting the coffee cups on the other side of the stove changed anything in the universe, the whole cosmos is going to shift when I make coffee in the big press! Bet on it.

changing the cosmos, one cup atta time

At prayer this morning (from Romans 16, ending with verse 27)
Now to God who is able to strengthen you according to my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery that was kept secret for long ages but is now disclosed, and through the prophetic writings is made known to all the Gentiles, according to the command of the eternal God, to bring about the obedience of faith—to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever! Amen.

See, just when we thought God was mystery, we have to reconsider.... All is revealed. Behold! What was kept secret is now disclosed! Behold!

Obviously, Paul knew nothing of the butterfly effect --and even if he did, cosmic shifts in presumed linear patterns doesn't undo the revelation of the mystery of God.

Or does it?

I love cosmic coffee.... Amen.


cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown said...

And, it's a full moon tomorrow!

it's margaret said...

watch out honey --you know what happens when the moon turns full... .

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I love my coffee press. Much better than the Keurig Ms. Conroy is so fond of. Sigh.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I like to think it was my being there and drinking more coffee that added to the butterfly effect...first indication you might need a bigger press since I can suck the coffee down. LOL

it's margaret said...

Oh dear Elizabeth --making single cuppas in this house just wouldn't do!

Kirkepiscatoid --stretch those wings honey! You are absolutely right!

JCF said...

When you need the jolt, ALL coffee is cosmic coffee!

kishnevi said...

I have a coffee maker (standard auto drip or whatever they call it)that makes up to four cups at a time, I think, although I've only used it for one at a time. The way I learned it, it's two heaping tablespoons of coffee per cup. Don't know how tablespoons translates into scoops, though.

I tend to get the sheapest bag of coffee on sale at Publix when I need it, although I've found Dunkin Donuts to actually have the best taste all around.

I've always thought coffee should be bare and naked--no coffee, no sugar. And it's not because I'm lactose intolerant--it's because I like coffee that way (except when I get it from Starbucks in the mall where I work--Starbucks requires sugar to hide the Starbucks taste). And I usually go for dark roast types. I like having hair on my chest :)

And now of course I'm off to listen to Bach's Coffee Cantata!

Kevin Scott said...

We call them 'cafetieres' over here. Goodness knows why: they're virtually unknown in most of France ...

But tell me, do Americans really think that what gets served in Starbucks is actually coffee? ;-)

it's margaret said...

Kevin --lol, haven't the foggiest as to what most American really think about Starbucks, but I like Greek, French press, drip, perc, Starbucks --anything but Sanka!

Alyce said...

I love most coffee-making stories. It's the beauty in the small (coffee isn't tiny) things that so often attracts me. My love of nearly 40 years has made most of my morning coffee. That is all the more special as he doesn't drink the stuff; it's all for me. Over the last couple of years, we've split the difference: I set up the pot at night (Krups electric drip--good for two cups or twelve)and he gets up before me to turn it on so that the aroma wafts around the house.It calls my name while our golden retrievers (Tucker and Miss Gab) put their heads on my pillow to make sure I know it's time to get up. Thanks for this post! It's cool to have enough friends to need a bigger pot.

Joel said...

When going to school in Jerusalem back in 1972, I loved the Arab coffee, but we were only served a thimble full at a time. Dying for a full cup am American coffee I finally went to the King David Hotel and ordered one cup of American coffee. Cup of hot water and a pack of instant sanka decaf-- all they had. Bill? $20.00 (in 1972!!!). Nevertheless by then it was delicious. Ugh.