Monday, July 30, 2012

this morning

Yesterday at church was great fun. Even had two little boys come and stand at the altar with me (it was their birthday week) --so we had a priest on behalf of the Bishop (me), Deacon, a Lay Reader and two kids --elders, and the next generation... it was wonderful. An icon of the human family to present an offering of bread and wine at the altar.... And the little ones played with my stole and cincture as I prayed. We thank you God for the gift of creation --yank, tug, flip... And then I would surprise them and say, okay --bow like this now-- and they would.

Does the heart good.

Spent a quiet afternoon --see, it's fifth Sunday, so I don't have a scheduled church. In fact, the Mission Council organized the schedule and said they wanted me to take fifth Sundays off. Well... that ain't happening. If it's Sunday, I'm at church.... any way... so, I asked St. John's if they wanted me to come celebrate Eucharist with them, and they said yes! So, it was incredible, and almost like a Sunday off --not to drive any where.

About three o'clock I got a call. A drowning. Young man --about 22. So I got in the car and drove out the gravel road not far from town to be with the family while the police and recovery folk dredged the little lake. I drove back and forth to town more than once with family members... and was with them as they waited. And waited. And waited. And watched. It was horrific as the dredging hooks would bring up a great big gob of something and struggle to release it --and we would watch from the other side of the lake --but it would be nothing but moss....

The Tribal Chairman came out to be with the family. The Mayor. The Owner of the Lake.

The children ran and played. I guess we were at the Tribal golf course --the kids kept finding tees and golf balls --one found a club in the high grasses.

Food appeared. Of course.

The police stopped searching the lake at sundown --about 8:30ish. We prayed together as the sun went down --a shocking red and pink at the horizon that gave way to an incomprehensible blue....

They said they would continue this morning, at 5am. But as I write this I hear thunder, and where there's thunder, there is lightening, and I am thinking they won't let the divers and boats out on the water if there is the risk of getting struck by lightening.

So, my task today is to go and be with the family. And wait. And watch. And pray.

At prayer this morning
Almighty and eternal God, so draw our hearts to you, so guide our minds, so fill our imaginations, so control imbue our wills, that we may be know that we are wholly yours, utterly dedicated to you enthralled in your love and compassion; and then use us, we pray, as you will, and always to your glory and the welfare of your people; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Please pray for the L. family, that they may have strength and courage to meet the days ahead.

Please pray for the police and divers and recovery folks.

Please pray for the soul of T. --in the Lakota way, it takes four days to figure out being dead and begin your journey to the Spirit World.



susankay said...


it's margaret said...

thanks susankay. I left last night after the boats docked. apparently, after I left, the recovery unit decided to try one more time --and they recovered his body at 8:45 --so, at least his mom went home knowing he wasn't lost in the bottom of the lake. small mercies.

JCF said...

More prayers.

Nij said...

Dear Margaret,
Your steady, faithful service reminds me of the motto of the Diocesan Conference Center of my youth. "Love is the energy of a steadfast will bent on creating fellowship." You are bent on creating loving fellowship wherever! What a a gift to your community you are!Peace, nij

across the side of the barn/chaplu

it's margaret said...

thank you JCF.

Nij --I don't think your image posted! --at least, I think you meant to post an image?!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I'm thinking, dear Margaret, that this ministry you have is an answer to all of our prayers.

May God continue with abundance and courage and, yes, patience for those times of the long waiting.

cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown said...

Nij-- what a wonder Full motto.... needed that!

Prayers from here too my Love, of course, and damn! @#$%! 2352! and how long O Lord!? and all the other good Anglo Saxons words that spew from the mouth of my gut, which I know the Spirit understands, will accept, and interpret to the heart of the Father.

Paula said...

I return from a long weekend at a conference, to find more love and beauty in prayers from Margaret. Your ministry is such a tremendous blessing from God.

Your Friend Paula

Sagewoman said...

You always provide a balm to my spirit - sometimes gentle, other times hot - but always stirring.
Prayers for T, wandering the summer lands and learning of the life before and the life to come. Prayers for the family wandering this life as they learn the same. And prayer for us all to hold on to one another a little closer in this reminder of the impermanence of our physical self.

Nij said...

Dear Margaret and Cloud, No I didn't have an image to post. That snippit at the bottom was part of a sentence that slipped down for some bizarre reason.
The youth center was the living dream of an Episcopal priest (retired) who accepted leadership of the property of an old man who died. It was based on w-o-r-k, daily schedule was Eucharist @7:30 a.m. breakfast, work projects, break, study, lunch,rest, work, afternoon swim, etc. Work was physical and hard, cutting road thru the woods, painting buildings, etc. We loved it, really the old monastic idea of worship, study, work and recreation with huge bonfires at night for singing and storytelling.
Unfortunately, in recent years, politics have handed it over to people who did not understand it, hired people to do the work, etc. now some 76 years later, it is in danger of being sold by a Diocese near bankruptcy. Great grief for those of us whose voices were drowned out!
To my grave I will know that the road down to the lake belongs to me because I/we sweated and swatted mosquitos, and lugged rocks for drainage and built that road. If u get to the point of working with kids, allow them to implant love in their hearts by contributing work, learning, worship and play. It's a system that works!