Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Totally unabashed promotion... and, of course, prayer:

So, we are grateful to have a starting bid at $200 !!!!!

Send Bonnie Anderson a private message on her Facebook page with the amount of your bid. Late afternoon everyday, the amount of the highest bid will be posted on the Cheyenne River Episcopal River FB page.

If you see that you have been outbid and you want to increase your bid, send Bonnie a new bid in a message on her Facebook page.

The winner will be notified on November 19 after 6:00 p.m. (mountain time). Payment will be made to Cheyenne River Alms Fund.

More payment information will be given to auction winner. Personal or certified checks only accepted.

The Star Quilt took on the role of replacing the buffalo robe in ceremonial and religious life. Some of the designs draw upon hundreds of years of heritage, symbolism, and tradition.

The Cheyenne River Sioux [Lakota] Reservation is in central South Dakota, the fourth largest reservation in the USA. Beginning in the 1860s, The Episcopal Church undertook the establishment of Missions among the Lakota peoples. Today, the Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission serves the People of the Reservation through nine active congregations. In this past year, the Cheyenne River Reservation was the poorest place in the USA.

I am deeply grateful to Bonnie Anderson, former President of the House of Deputies of the The Episcopal Church, for coming up with this idea --she has been a guest at Niobrara Convocation (the gathering of Native American Churches in this region), and she remains deeply moved at the generosity and spirit of the People here. Thank you Bonnie.

If you do not have a Facebook account, leave me a note and I will send it to Bonnie.

Please tell as many folks as you know --I would be grateful if you repost this to Facebook for your FB Friends. St. John's is the largest church here on the Reservation, so it is used by many people, including our Hot Lunch program which is so critical here in the cold winter....

Heck --while you're at it, make a bid!

At prayer this morning (Canticle: A Song to the Lamb, Dignus es, Revelation 4:11, 5:9-10, 13)

Splendor and honor and kingly power *
are yours by right, O Lord our God,
For you created everything that is, *
and by your will they were created and have their being;
And yours by right, O Lamb that was slain, *
for with your blood you have redeemed for God,
From every family, language, people, and nation, *
a kingdom of priests to serve our God.
And so, to him who sits upon the throne, *
and to Christ the Lamb,
Be worship and praise, dominion and splendor, *
for ever and for evermore.

And with Veteran's Day so fresh in my mind, there's this from the Daily Office:

6 More Americans Die in Afghan War, Including 3 New York Reservists

Total War Deaths: 8030

Iraq: Total Deaths: 4804

-no casualties this past week

Afghanistan: Total Deaths: 3226

GORNEWICZ, Brett E., 27, SPEC, US Army, Alden, NY, 412th Theater Engineer Command
JAYNE, Ryan P., 22, SPEC, US Army, Campbell, NY, 412th Theater Engineer Command
VENNE, Dain T., 29, SSGT, US Army, Port Henry, NY, 412th Theater Engineer Command
BUTTRY, Brandon L., 19, PFC, US Army, Shenandoah, IA, 2nd Infantry Division
CARLSON, Daniel L., 21, SPEC, US Army, Running Springs, CA, 25th Infantry Division

One Soul – Name not released yet

Source: iCasualties.org

U.S. wounded in Afghanistan, as of September 15: 17,519 (Department of Defense)

Total Coalition Deaths, non-U.S. : Iraq, 318 (UK 179, Italy, 33, Poland 30) as of February 24, 2009

Total Coalition Deaths, non-U.S.: Afghanistan: 1059 (UK 425, Canada 158, France 88) as of August 20, 2012

Human Costs of War:

* more than 99,000 injured and 552,000 disability claims
* rates of suicide, divorce, and spousal or child abuse have doubled or more among military families since the wars began

Source: “Costs of War,” Eisenhower Study Group, Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, June 2011

* Other reports have found that at least 217,000 of the 1.6 million troops that have returned from the wars suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), 165,000 have been diagnosed with depression, and 1,600 have lost at least one limb.

Source: The New York Times

Estimates of civilian casualties in Iraq range from 105,000 to 1,033,000
For information, click here.

Estimates of civilian casualties in Afghanistan range from 17,000 to 37,000
For information, click here.


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