Friday, January 18, 2013

--and still they stand and pray

It has been marginally above freezing for the last two days --melting the great banks of snow and causing run off which has then frozen during the night, causing great sheets of ice. The other night, between the melting and the freezing, it caused a HUGE body of water to form, and Joel couldn't get the water to part and form a bridge of dry land, no matter how long I stood there holding his arms up.... And we couldn't cross it on foot. So, we had to get the chariot out and drive through it.

Sigh. I hate driving 100 feet to the church. It's just wrong. It feels so southern Californ-i-ish....

Then, when we return, we get our wheels wet crossing the HUGE body of water again, crunching through the thin sheet of ice that has formed. We park in the garage, and in the morning as we prepare to drive the chariot again, there are great sheets of ice inside the garage where the water from the chariot's tires has formed remnant bones of the winter weather outside.

Will these bones rise again? Surely.... Actually, what happens is that when the humidity drops, even the ice and snow evaporate, including the ice in the garage. It is an amazing thing.

A. Maze. Ing.

Yesterday, to explore places we had not yet been, we drove to Gettysburg....

We didn't take that picture --obviously, because there is green grass, and we saw it with a foot of snow around its base. It was getting dark by the time we got there, so I had to find this one on-line. But you get the idea. We laughed and laughed as we entered the town. Gettysburg is about 20 miles the other side of the River....

Missouri River, entirely frozen, taken from the road.
The ones we took closer to the River didn't stay in the camera....

The River is frozen. Frozen. Frozen. Huge chunks of ice --boulders of ice bumping and grinding. Actually, the is not the River in its natural state --I mean, being frozen is natural, yes. But this is about 40 miles upstream from the Oahe Dam, so this is really the Oahe Lake --the River, dammed.

And underneath the ice boulders are the remnants of "The Old Agency" --the town with a hospital, schools, churches, established in the 1860s alongside places where The People had lived since forever, alongside the places where the Creator had brought the People out of the earth.

church at Old Agency, Cheyenne River, South Dakota

Hospital, Old Agency, Cheyenne River

--the whole town swallowed up by water.... The best dirt for the best gardens gone, buried, for the benefit of the white farmers down stream.

The people were relocated. Some refused to go any further than the hills close by --glacial moraines that yield nothing but more rock than you can count. Others were carried to Eagle Butte. The dead they could find were uprooted from the Agency and church cemeteries and taken to a knoll by On the Tree Road, and reburied in one large common grave.

Will these bones rise again? Surely.....

At prayer this morning (Acts 10:34)

Then Peter began to speak to them: “I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.

How much can a people endure, O Lord?
And still they stand, and pray.
And still....



Nij said...

Dear Margaret et Joel & pups!

while u r tripping around on vac. Please think about visiting St. Joseph's Indian School in
Chamberlain SD. Phone is 605 234 3300.
they are all out our favorite charity and are doing great things for Lakota/Soux kids.

More later!


it's margaret said...

we will, Nij --thanks!