Monday, January 28, 2013

bread falls from the heavens like snow

Okay --in anticipation of D's arrival in a couple of weeks --and taking Deacon to the airport at the end of this week, I have been trying to find extended forecast pages --so that I can track storms and plan when to be on the road etc.... And I found this site, which at first didn't catch my attention in any way --but then my cursor accidentally ran over the blue line of days at the bottom of the map.... If you start with your cursor over "Day 1" and move to the right... well, you'll see.

I thought it was kinda fun. Especially making the weather move from east to west by running the cursor right to left. Which isn't so far from the truth here --I mean, yes, the weather runs from W to E --but on the surface, more so than any place I've ever lived, the wind can blow, hard, from any direction --the weather can blow in from any where.

And if you live on one of the coasts, and you are saying --well, we get Santa Anna winds (west), or, well, we get nor'easters (east) --I've seen and lived with all that, and no... this is a different sensation, entirely.

And, it is snowing right now --it will persist for the next 24+ hours --teeny tiny little flakes that cover the sins of the world.... The model last week suggested we might get heavy snow at times, with accumulations of several inches, but there is no indication of that right now.... We'll see.

It was amazing --on the way home from Rapid on Saturday where it had been in the 50s --watching the temperature drop back down in to the 20s the closer we got to Eagle Butte --watching the snowpack increase alongside the road --returning to a whole different world in so, so, so many ways.

We have been looking for "decent" bread here --and one would think that here in the land of grain somebody would be doing something creative.... But the whole wheat here --in bakeries and markets --it's just like white bread, only it's brown. There is no real substance to it. But, then, Saturday, as we were playing around, we stumbled in to this wonderful place in Rapid that sold Dakota foods --and we found bread. Real. Bread. Oats. Barley. Whole wheat. Organic grains.... We had lunch there --and I had a platter of olives, dried fruits, nuts, meats & cheeses --and B.R.E.A.D.

We got the chance to speak with the baker, and he asked what type of bread we were looking for --and I asked --real sour sour sour dough, like in San Francisco. And he said --he has tried tried tried --but even when he gets starter from San Francisco --after three days of ripening here, it just turns to a lemony taste.... So, no, we won't find any real sour sour dough bread here.

But, his bread is absolutely divine. He knew what we meant when we said we wanted the bread to be a meal in itself....

At prayer this morning (beginning at 1 Samuel 2:1)
My heart exults in you, O God; *
my triumph song is lifted in you.
My mouth derides my enemies, *
for I rejoice in your salvation.
There is none holy like you, *
nor any rock to be compared to you, our God.
Do not heap up prideful words or speak in arrogance; *
Only God is knowing and weighs all actions.
The bows of the mighty are broken, *
but the weak are clothed in strength.
Those once full now labor for bread, *
those who hungered now are well fed.

Bread, I think..... and in this different world to which we returned --where diabetes ravages the population --where there is a dialysis clinic that runs 16 hours a day seven days a week --and there is a waiting list to receive treatment.... and folks with diabetes aren't supposed to eat white bread and folks on dialysis aren't supposed to eat wheat bread... where there was no tradition of bread --only ground up kernels and seeds and powered dried buffalo made in to patties --easy to carry....


And an hour ago, the forecast was for light snow on and off.... and I just received a weather alert warning of heavy snow --and it's coming down like crazy....

And how to speak of "bread for the world" in an almost bread-less place?

--and so I do, by referring to all that it takes to make bread --the wind, rain, mother earth, sun, moon, birds and insects and human hands....

--and when one does that, bread falls from the heavens like snow....

Please pray for D --in the hospital with possible amputation. And for W whose husband died.

I'm still not back to work --not until Friday.... week two of vacation.
And It Is Good.



kishnevi said...

Bread from Heaven--this last Shabbat, the Torah portion in synagogue is Beshallach, which starts out with the crossing of the Red Sea and the Song of the Sea (whence the name of this Shabbat was Shabbat Shirah), and proceeds through the Waters of Strife to reach the account of the manna, the original "bread from heaven".

I'm hoping this one gets through Blogger's spaminator, I posted a comment last week that disappeared, but didn't want to bug you while you were enjoying that vacation!

Alyce said...

I'm late seeing this. You need a bread machine if you don't like making bread by hand. If you're interested: Get a really good one like Zojirushi -amazon carries them. You can order supplies by mail if needed, like flour from King Arthur's. Then order Beth Hensberger's Book THE BREAD LOVER'S BREAD MACHINE COOKBOOK. Takes little time, is a happy occupation, and will introduce you to what heaven smells like--though, for me, that's great coffee brewing. Stay warm. Bake bread<3