Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I climbed up on the garage roof....

It snowed last night --with strong winds... the kind of night that makes me feel sorry for the horses and cows out in the fields, huddled behind wind breaks. Not quite so sorry for the foxes and buffalo and coyotes and such --they are free and wild... but sorry for those animals that we have domesticated.

Especially for some of the dogs here in town. They curl up anywhere, scrounge for food. I realized yesterday, out in the yard with teeny-weeny Paeha and itty-bitty Witty, worried about the six Rez dogs hanging out in the parking lot --that they might come in to the yard where we have no fence and 'get' us --in the midst of that fear I realized how smart, really smart those Rez dogs are. I mean, they can't drink from the puddles on the ground, even when they do melt, because they are filled with the sand/salt thrown out to assist in the melting. So I watched as the dogs shared lapping at the dripping water from the downspouts --yes, it got above freezing, and snow was melting yesterday.

And, then when I climbed up on the garage roof (the security lamp shade had twisted off in the wind, and with more high winds in the forecast, I had to do something, but I realized as I got up there that the shade hadn't just twisted off, the holders had been filed through by the shade itself --I am sure you've probably broken a piece of metal by constant bending, right --so, I used duct tape to put it back in its place while Joel wrung his hands at the foot of the ladder --please be careful --please be careful), I realized that they have sentinel dogs, keeping watch over the pack, watching for a competing pack that might enter the territory of the church parking lot.

--and, they were all crowded in to the parking lot, because there was a funeral, and when there is a funeral there is usually Spirit food put out --which means food for the dogs when the people aren't watching....

So, water from the down spout and Spirit food --and of course, dumpster diving.... Rez dog survival skills.

And I worry about them today --I see them trouncing through the snow in packs on the other side of the fence. Paeha goes crazy barking at them. I don't think the Rez dogs can hear through the double panes and storm windows.... maybe they can and just ignore the noise of a sissy dog....

I think the life expectancy for a Rez dog is just long enough to breed.... I rarely see a dog I recognize. And they are all young.

I see their prints in the yard all the time --they drive Witty and Paeha to distraction.

And, while yesterday was warm enough to start to melt things, this morning it is below zero. There is a continued chance of snow --which we so desperately need because of the drought --and the winds have died down for the moment, though they are predicted to return by nightfall. The parking lot is a thick sheet of ice.... and I will be venturing out in it all to go to the hospital to have my picture took for a poster to be hung all over the Reservation --a bunch of us breast cancer survivors.... They want me in my clericals. (heheheh --Won't that just scare folks?)

And I pray... I pray for wit and wisdom as I return to work; I pray for D who is having his leg amputated this morning; I pray for the Rez dogs and the cattle and the horses; I pray for our silly little dogs; I pray for Deacon as she prepares for a short leave for restoration; I give thanks for those of you who sustain us in prayer --in thought, word and deed; I give thanks for my Bishop who, as L said, left his ego in another state, and truly cares for and loves every bit of this Diocese; I give thanks for my beloved; I give thanks for the people of this Reservation --may they not hide their light under a basket and such....

It is a cold and dangerous world out there... laced with wonder, awe and grace.

At prayer this morning (from Galatians 2)
For through the law I died to the law, so that I might live to God.

I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.

And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

I do not nullify the grace of God; for if justification comes through the law, then Christ died for nothing.

Law. If it is about the law, then Christ died for nothing.... that about says it.

It is not the law of the survival of the fittest that will help anything survive winter here... it is only and remains only compassion --and sharing --and yes, luck --but mostly by sharing.... It is not the law that will sustain us....

It is grace.

--and love.



Grandmère Mimi said...

Please be careful, dear margaret. How I empathize with Joel. I have vertigo, and it seems a miracle to me that anyone can climb on a roof.

Lovely post.

it's margaret said...

I guess rooftops run in my DNA, Grandmere. At the young age of 86, my Grandmother Bailey had to be rescued from the roof she had climbed to pick the fruit off the top of tree next to the house. She had always done it that way. And even calling the handsome young firemen couldn't make Grandma promise she wouldn't do it again --as a matter of fact, I think she rather enjoyed it all....

JCF said...

{{{Rez Dogs}}}


You've got my bleeding heart bleeding now, Margaret.