Thursday, February 14, 2013

he would rather buy a house....

Sitting in the dentist's office.


Ash Wednesday was good. At the evening service there were a lot of kids --and I did my usual ash routine with them while marking their little foreheads --remember you are made of star dust, and when you die, a very long time from now, you will become star dust again, and God will know you and love you. Most nod in agreement --as though that merely confirmed what they already knew.

I preached on the 'color purple' --of purple being the color of royalty --and that as members of Christ's Body, we share in that royalty, just as we all share in his eternal priesthood and the work of that priesthood --and as royalty/priests we are called to do as he did --give our selves for the sake of the people --for the sake of the whole creation. There is a word for it in Lakota --Wanikiya --the one who gives his life so that the people may live. So, during Lent, we are called to reflect upon how we are fulfilling that call to care

And at both services, I called everyone up to stand around the altar --nobody brought their prayerbooks up, which I thought was a fine thing. After the initial looking around for a book, some book, any book, most folks settled in to a deeper prayer routine than I think is possible if one is trying to read text while praying etc.... I felt the, ummmmm, cosmic shift of folks deep in prayer. And I felt blessed by that awe and wonder.

And then, this post was interrupted, because Joel, whose appointment was at 9:30 (8:30 our time --we crossed in to Central time --Fast time --which also meant we got up at 5 in order to get to the dentist on time) was filling in his paperwork, and my appointment was going to be at 10:00 Fast time --and the lady came in and called my name at 9:20 fast time --40 minutes before my scheduled time, and poor Joel had to go in to his appointment alone, which was not the plan --he is such a weenie when it comes to seeing the dentist....

And, I got my teeth cleaned and an A+ with no cavities or gum disease. Poor Joel, however, was not quite so lucky. Poor kid. He said he would rather buy a house.....

And D is being released from the hospital --and he is giving a big party at the church as a thank you for all the prayers and support. We pick DC up from the airport on Saturday --so maybe we can go out to see D early next week.

And, it is blustery (gusting to 50mph) and there are snow squalls today. The wind chill is making it feel about 10 F out there. While DC is here, it should be nice the first two days --I mean, above freezing, but the rest of next week looks cold.

And, so, I should make the weekend arrangements, print the bulletin, say my prayers as I think about a sermon, make some pastoral calls...

--and I am so entirely grateful that this is such an ordinary day.

At prayer (beginning at Psalm 37:1)

Do not fret yourself because of evildoers; *
do not be jealous of those who do wrong.
For they shall soon wither like the grass, *
and like the green grass fade away.
Put your trust in the LORD and do good; *
dwell in the land and feed on its riches.
Take delight in the LORD, *
and he shall give you your heart’s desire.
Commit your way to the LORD and put your trust in him, *
and he will bring it to pass.
He will make your righteousness as clear as the light *
and your just dealing as the noonday.
Be still before the LORD *
and wait patiently for him.

There we are. Peace out.


Apostle In Exile said...

I absolutely LOVE your "star dust" routine! Blessings, my friend. (from Andee)

Paula said...

Thank you for a lovely message. Right after I read it, I surfed over to Penelope Wilcock's blog, which was also about Ash Wednesday. I find it very profound and thought you might like to see it.